The Campus Victim Advocate (CVA) program provides FREE support and services to survivors of power-based violence to help you process in a confidential setting and connect you with community resources.

How to Contact the CVA

What is Power-Based Violence (PBV)?

PBV is any form of violence that uses assertion of power, control, and/or intimidation with the intent to harm another emotionally, psychologically, or physically. It includes:Sexual assault | Domestic violence | Intimate partner violence | Harassment (any form) | Human trafficking | Stalking | Intimidation | Bullying

What Supports are available to Northern Nevada students?

Navigating campus life can be a challenge. Compound that with being a victim of power-based violence on a college campus and the world may feel unbalanced, especially when your future hopes and dreams lay in the education you have set your sights on for so long. We are here to help address any of your concerns or fears.

Our goal is to proudly serve individuals of any form of power-based violence who have been victimized acutely (within the last 48 hours), recently (within the last year), or historically (over one year or from childhood). We will meet with you to provide you with the best possible resources and support.

Our trained campus advocate is confidential and provides free support. They will meet with you in their office on campus or in a discrete public location to provide you with options available to you. We are committed to providing the most professional, sincere and empowering advocacy to you possible whether you are staff, faculty, or student.

How can the Campus Advocate help me?

Our campus advocate provides free, confidential support to any college community member who has been a victim of power-based violence. The services we provide include:

  • Immediate crisis intervention
  • Personal advocacy – assistance with your boss, landlord, professor, etc.
  • Emotional support for recent or past events
  • On/off-campus resources and referrals
  • Private and confidential consultation
  • Safety planning
  • Accompaniment to a forensic exam, hospital, police interview, or court hearing
  • Assistance in filing victim compensation and protection order applications
  • Connection to a support group

Additional Resources for Students

If you are in need of resources, please visit our resource library where you can find local resources across Nevada ranging from emergency shelters and financial assistance to counseling and support groups.

Find Local Resources

Offers assistance in making decisions about careers, college readiness, relationships, and other personal issues that can interfere with normal day-to-day life for TMCC students, faculty, and administrators.

Aimed at reducing bullying, peer victimization, and other types of interpersonal violence.

Focuses on developing and expanding outreach and education regarding interpersonal violence to students, faculty and staff across the UNR campus.

Offers individual counseling, group therapy, walk-in consultation, and outreach activities.


Learn more about the Laws surrounding sexual assault in Nevada.


A national resource for victims of campus sexual assault.

Designed to reduce sexual and other forms of interpersonal violence perpetration and victimization.

The Care Center offers confidential virtual support and services to members of the UNLV, NSC, and CSN communities impacted by sexual violence, relationship violence, family violence, and/or stalking.