Crisis Support Services of Nevada staff and volunteers offer crisis support and resources for specific communities including LGBTQ+, military, and youth. Find guidance to get the help you need, or discover resources to help someone in need of crisis support.

We’re here to help. 24/7.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

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If you’re not ready to call, there are extensive crisis and suicide prevention resources available just for you.

Veteran and Military Suicide Support

Understand your options as a survivor of military trauma and more.

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suicide prevention for lgbtq

Get help you need. Give help as an ally. It can get better.

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Teen Suicide Prevention and Youth Support

Discover resources to help parents and kids stay safe.

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línea directa de crisis

Obtenga información sobre nuestros servicios y recursos locales.

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Speaking to a therapist or support group can improve your mental health and provide long-term support with depression. Find a therapist or support group near you.

You are not alone. Your friends and family along with your larger community want to assist you in times of crisis. You can build your support network by:

  • Confiding in your circle of trust–the people you rely on most in this world
  • Seeking support from work, school, church or even a local club
  • Exploring social media to connect with people with similar interests who can support you from miles away
  • Take up a new hobby or enroll in a class to meet new friends  

While we focus on the state of Nevada, we support anyone in crisis. Get the information and resources you need.

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Get pamphlets, posters, cards and more to spread the word about Crisis Support Services of Nevada.

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