In the 14th episode of Talk it out Tuesdays, we discuss the reluctance of law enforcement personnel to seek assistance in dealing with the traumas and stressors of their job, as well as what Law Enforcement agencies are doing to support these heroes.

According to FBI statistics, 89 Law Enforcement Officers were killed in the Line of Duty in 2019. Conversely, 285 officers died by suicide during that same year. This number does not account for the officers who put themselves in precarious situations because their will to live has diminished or officers who have died by suicide, but their death has been reported as otherwise. This is a heartbreaking statistic!

To discuss this important topic, we are joined by Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Sheriff Darin Balaam, Sparks Police Department Chief Chris Crawforth, Reno Police Department Deputy Chief Oliver Miller, Crisis Support Services of Nevada’s Executive Director, Rachelle Tourville Pellissier, and episode host, Connie Wray-Gaudard.