In this episode of Talk it out Tuesdays, we talk about the statewide planning and development of Nevada’s Crisis Care Response System.

Unfortunately, people in Nevada experiencing a behavioral health crisis are not routinely being served in a timely, trauma-informed manner. Currently, law enforcement is often inappropriately used as the primary responder to mental health crisis calls. While law enforcement has a role in crisis response, their charge of public safety means they should not be the primary resource for assisting and responding to individuals in a mental health crisis. An additional feature of Nevada that creates a unique challenge for a coordinated crisis care response is the rural nature of the majority of the state. Knowing all of this, through statewide planning, Nevada is moving toward building a Crisis Care Response System that is both supportive of local communities, families, and individuals by fostering resilience, and is responsive to the needs of individuals in crisis.

To talk about this we have Kelly Marschall, Principal of Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. and facilitator of the statewide planning of Nevada’s Crisis Care Response System; Jessica Flood, Coordinator of the Northern Nevada Regional Behavioral Health Board, Crisis Support Services of Nevada’s Executive Director, Rachelle Tourville Pellissier MPA, and episode host, Connie Wray.