In the 17th episode of Talk it out Tuesdays: Breaking Down Walls, Building Up Conversations we discuss mental health amongst youth, how to open up conversations about mental health with your child, and the Anytown Las Vegas program.

Mental health amongst youth. It’s an important conversation, and for adults, it can often be a challenging conversation. It’s okay not to be okay is a statement said so frequently, but rarely does the conversation go deeper than that statement. 1 in 5 children ages 13-18 have, or will have, a serious mental illness. Anytown Las Vegas is the longest-running antiracism youth program in Nevada and has served over 4,000 high school students since 1983. In their ongoing You Mean More campaign, they address mental health stigma, particularly amongst youth.

To discuss this important topic, we are joined by: Rico Ocampo, Executive Director of Anytown Las Vegas, Erin Adarve , UNLV student and Anytown Youth Council Member, Shaun Mabanta, UNR student, Anytown Youth Council Member, and CSSNV Youth Engagement and Communications Coordinator, and Crisis Support Services of Nevada’s Executive Director, Rachelle Tourville Pellissier, and episode host, Connie Wray.